XF 1.4 Username colours


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I was wondering if anyone could point out where I might be going wrong!

User groups
- Registered (default username colour)
- VIP (yellow username)
- Club Member (Star next to name)

When a registered member joins club member, it all works fine.

However if a VIP member joins club member, they lose the yellow username and revert to the default colour with a star.

Is there anyway I can set it so a VIP member will keep their username colour, but will also get the star next to their name if they get added to the club member user group?

Hope that makes sense!


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User name styling can only be taken from one user group.

You might be better using user group banners /set to stackable) to show members who are in one or both groups.


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Thanks martok

Ah that's a shame username styling can't
be can't be mixed and matched. Yes, already using stackable banners for each group.