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Username Change 2 by Siropu 2.0.2

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having issues with permissions, I enabled it for admin user group and works fine. But it doesnt work when enabled for any other usergroups.


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If it works for admin user group, it should work for any user group. Make sure that you haven't set it to "Never" for "Registered" user group.
Thanks for the quick reply. All options for Registered are set to 'No'. Only certain groups and admins are set to yes, admin can see the link to change name, but the other usergroups cannot. Manually going to the link (site/account/change-username) gives no permission error.


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It is working fine for me. Are you using any restrictions in the admin options of the add-on?


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Custom settings from XF 1.5 was reset after upgrade to XF 2.1 and this version.



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Hi @Siropu

When installing this addon I get a warning regarding admin_permission.xml

Username Change
src/addons/Siropu/UsernameChange/_data/admin_permission.xml Unexpected contentsl


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Hi, I have a bug report for this add-on. I'm using the option to have username changes posted to an existing thread, and if a user uses a character such as '&' in their rename, it shows up as '&'. A single quote shows as '''.


I fixed the bug by adding the following to line 61 of Entity/UsernameHistory.php (not sure if best solution but gets it done):

$message = html_entity_decode($message, ENT_QUOTES);

Other than this small thing, love the add-on, thank you so much!
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I use the XF1 version of this addon on my public site, thank you for bringing it over to XF2 (y).

A couple of trivial things I've noticed in the template siropu_username_change_history_list:
  • Without any username changes for a particular user, a datalist is shown anyway just with the header row. Changing the condition to $usernameChangeHistory is not empty seems to fix.
  • With the above fixed, the "No entries have been logged." message shows as a bullet point. Changing the <li> element to <div> fixes:
    <div class="blockMessage">{{ phrase('no_entries_have_been_logged') }}</div>
I also have a couple of questions:
  • In the XF1 version, the 'Username History' tab was only shown on a member's profile if they have changed their name at least once. In XF2, the tab is always shown. Is the old XF1 behaviour still possible? It'd match the behaviour of first-party addons (XFRM, XFMG) where additional profile tabs aren't added until a user has created 1+ item of that content type (e.g. XFMG album)
  • In the XF1 version it was possible for an administrator to change somebody's name on their behalf and record it as a public username change. Is it still possible to do this in version 2.0.1? Apologies if I've missed it.
Thanks :)
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