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Lack of interest Usergroup permission to erase EXIF from users media


Well-known member
In the post-Snowden era, people are more privacy aware.

Please add a usergroup permission:
- can delete EXIF information from own media.
- can set options not to upload EXIF information.

By making it a usergroup permission, it can be part of account upgrades.


Well-known member
There is no need for a user group permission.

VERY, VERY important would be a system wide admin switch (or even a fixed setting!) to completely erase all geo EXIF location data when uploading any image to XenForo (be it XFMG or regular attachments). This is a huge security problem, since most people are not even aware that they publish their home address when uploading a picture!

All other EXIF data can and should stay, because it can be used after uploading..