Lack of interest Usergroup Permission: Disallow Bad/Questionable Host


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There is always a trade-off between privacy and security. You don't want malicious users to benefit from privacy tools like VPN, TOR, questionable hosts, etc. But its perfectly reasonable for valid users to make use of such to avoid big brother and try to keep their privacy intact.

Through usergroups we already have an idea of the validity of users, as ranking members are generally valid members.
It would be beneficial if we would be able to allow the use of blacklisted hosts by ranking members, while disallowing those by new members.
This questionable host is used maliciously as well as by valid users (VPN/TOR)
Currently we can only IP ban such hosts. If we do it results in many support tickets from valid users. If we dont ban the IP then we get hackers using it for malicious activity. We loose either way.

Please add a usergroup permission to 'disallow bad host'.
Please add option settings for what defines a bad host. i.e.
  • Open proxy
  • Spam blacklist
  • Hackers, Spyware, Botnets etc.
Preferable in a new option group 'Security'.

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