Lack of interest Userdeletion & username change


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What about moving this actions and data out of the datawriter and model.

many addons need to extend the userdatawriter to attach only
protected function _postDelete()
$db = $this->_db;
$userId = $this->get('user_id');
$userIdQuoted = $db->quote($userId);
$db->delete('table1', "user_id = $userIdQuoted");
$db->delete('table2', "user_id = $userIdQuoted");
I know, it's not really a heavy operation to have 20 addons extending this, but what about seperating this like the userContentChanges to an static array containing the table and userId field?
Or what about moving the static userContentChanges and the tables containing the userdata which needs to be deleted after the user is being deleted to a own class which would only loaded via the proxy system once it's needed ?

the userdw is being used very often and the usermodel is being used "on each request" and it's IMO unnecessary to load ALL the proxyclasses on each request (specially the one which are only responsible for the username change data ..)