XF 1.2 User upgrades


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Hi all so i am moving to XF from ipb soon. I currently have several VIP members that have paid for a year to be VIP members. I want to honor this so on XF i will also have a VIP members group and will manually upgrade these users until the original upgrade runs out.

My question is will they then be put back to normal user or will that upgrade then continue and their first payment will start when the original set expiration date comes up.

I hope that makes sense not sure how eles to explain it.


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Recurring upgrades do not translate from software to software. They'll have to repurchase at the end of their upgrade date.


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Thanks also if I wanted to do a cheaper trial then put price up would I just need to change price in the upgrade and on next due payment the price would change?


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If it is a recurring upgrade, the price paid by the members never changes.
So if the price is initially £10 and you subsequently increase it to £20, those members who upgraded at £10 will continue to pay £10 at every renewal time.

The only way to resolve that is to not have recurring upgrades.