XF 1.5 User upgrades.


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Let's say I set an upgrade for monthly recurring of $10.

Then for Black Friday I take the same upgrade but change the price to $80 for a year.

Can I handle this by just changing the price and period on the SAME upgrade and will XF/Paypal credit the users account with whichever one they purchased at the time?

Let's say I purchase the black Friday price, if I set it to not auto renew the upgrade will expire in a year and then they'd have to manually upgrade again for the $10 a month?

Does that make any sense?

Tracy Perry

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I'd recommend just doing a different promotion and offer it as available for purchase that period you want it active. Then when it expires (after 12 months) they would then have to elect the normal upgrade for renewal (unless you offered the same again).... that is, if I'm understanding you correctly.


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Thanks, the way our upgrade page is styled its far easier to change the price for the promotion.

However let's say we change the price from $10 to $5 a month.

User signs up to the NEW $5 a month package on sale.

We then switch it back to $10, does that user keep paying $5 a month until they downgrade or will they be refilled $10 when we switch it back?

@Mike any insight here please?


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Recurring upgrade prices are set within PayPal at the time of the member signing up.

Regardless of what you do in XF to the upgrade, the member will always pay the original price they paid when creating a recurring payment profile.