Lack of interest User Upgrades - more options for qualifying members and offering better pricing

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Let's say you offer a premium membership, anyone can buy it. But you have users that have been contributing for years and have a good reputation and you want to offer them a better price, maybe even a lifetime membership for this price.

You could add certain qualifiers like: Reg date, number of posts, reaction score, points.

So your Premium Membership is $50/year
You might want to reward those regulars with a $50 lifetime, or $25/yr. Etc. They'd have to hit the threshold you determine to see the upgrade.

This would also encourage others to participate!
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Yes- conditional upgrades would be a very useful addition to the core functionality.

After the first 12 months of operation, we increased the price of our business membership to well over $1,000 per year (or $100 per month) - but we "grandfathered" the pricing for those members who had upgraded in the first 12 months so they continue to pay the same amount.

It would be good if I could simply say that this special pricing is only available to members who are part of the "grandfathered pricing" usergroup (right now I have to do all upgrades for grandfathered members manually).

Similarly - we will have other upgrades or purchases which will be available only to upgraded members (or have different pricing for upgraded vs non-upgraded members).