Lack of interest User Upgrades definition, include option to accept Terms and Rules

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Often it's important to wrap Terms/Rules around User Upgrades, and we can represent these within our site 'Terms and rules URL' content.

But when, within ACP, you check the User's Change log it could be that they Accepted terms and rules a long time ago - certainly not aligned with, or when, they purchased their user upgrade. Even if you modify Terms & Rules and Force agreement for all users/members via /admin.php?force-agreement/terms then your Terms & Rules agreement date can still fall behind when the user purchased an upgrade.

Thus, when defining a user upgrade ( /admin.php?user-upgrades/blah.1/edit or /admin.php?user-upgrades/add ) add a tickbox option for 'Require Terms and Rules Agreement'. This would work like the registraction terms agreement or the force terms agreement, where during user upgrade purchase the site Terms and Rules are linked and the user is required to tick the box acknowledging acceptance. The user's change log then gets an entry showing the Terms and Rules were accepted at the same date/time as the user upgrade was purchased.
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Yes, this is something I have asked for before and I think it's very important for forum owners who sell valuable digital products online.
Ideally, each user upgrade has its own terms and agreements that we can edit and log for acceptance date.