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We want to offer the option for NEW users NOT REGISTERED already to pay for an account upgrade, but at this time it is not possible, the users get's the error that the payment method is not available, it is.

Isn't there a way to enable account upgrades UNDER REGISTRATION rather then that the user first has to register for free and then choose account upgrade?
There is an addon, Paid registration, however it appears to not be maintained and the author is not responding to support, although it does still work


And this one

We already have this installed, it will not let your user upgrade before they are registered. I don't understand why this ADD ON at all shows up as an option for new registration - it should not since it will scare users away.

From old posts I can see Xenforo ignore this maybe out of not much interest, but Xenforo is not made for account upgrades under registration which is total brain fart not to have build this in if you want to monitize a forum.
I don't understand what you are asking then. A user upgrade adds a secondary group to your primary registered group. Unless I'm mistaken the upgrade with either addon will occur at thew time of registration, ie registration happens and user immediately gets Registered as primary group and upgraded group as secondary.

How could it work so that upgrade occurs before they register as there is not yet a registered primary user group to add the upgrade secondary group to?

I see with Andy's addon they pay for the upgrade before registering, but it can't actually take place until they register.
Most websites have it like you start the registration process i.e. you get the form up, then you can choose if you want to pay for an account upgrade right away! If you tick YES your account registration will take place and your account upgrade right after which would be a fully automated process.

Like any other membersite you may know where you hit SIGNUP and you register and pay. Why is that so hard to understand or even implement?
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