User Upgrade: custom amount


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It would be very useful to have custom amounts for user upgrades. About half of my vbulletin websites income comes from members who pay custom amounts. A custom amount can be used for donations & voluntary contributions. Members can pay whatever they feel the service is worth. But on xenforo its not possible to let users pay custom amounts and I fear loosing half of the income.
Please add this function.

Mr Lucky

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I agree. In vbulletin I had two subscriptions a 1 year and a 2 year. Each subscription had a filed at the bottom for different amounts of money and you could set each amount to a different time length or the same. So somebody could choose between £10 and £50 per year which worked very well. Those without much money weren't put off, and those who had more would pay a larger sum. It worked very well.


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I support this, I just posted a new thread with reasons based on the context of the new features in XF2.

I'll repost it here:

As it stands with user upgrades, the admin has to create options with specific amounts.

On any site that relies on donations, the amount that each member can and is willing to donate (and how often) can vary greatly.

For some £5 may be generous, and for other £50 my be nothing.

In order to have the ability to buy user upgrades at various prices an admin has to guess what values users may wish to donate and create corresponding options.

This can result in a large confusing list to users, especially if you want any kind of variation on the length of time the user upgrade will be active for.

I think it could be very useful to a lot of sites if admins could have the option for users to name your price on the user upgrade they're about to buy. This will make it much more like a donation, and the user won't feel pressured to buy a specific amount, or feel put off or demoralised by seeing high value options an admin has created in the off chance one of their more well off users wants to donate more money.

A big reason why I'd like this in the core is so that it can tie into the new payments profiles system. A lot of donation add ons in the past only allow paypal, and you specify a paypal address, the problem with that is many users can't use paypal or have sworn it off after bad experiences.

Now that we have stripe and others, it means users that are unable or unwilling to use paypal can now use credit cards and apple pay. This opens back up the prospect of receiving funding internationally from these user, allowing them to monetarily contribute to the community if they wish to do so.

You could set a minimum, or min and max limit like name your price features for ecommerce stores.

This also of course makes it easier to make money from the forum, meaning more successful XF sites, and more licence sales ;)


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Nice, yet another top notch improvement.

I still hope this gets added to core though, it could really help the smaller budget conscious communities who rely solely on donations to better monetise and stay alive in the day of a million other social media platforms and apps.