User titles no longer updated based on trophies, once using a custom title


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I'll try to make sense of this.

So .. I have set it that, for each 100 posts, my members get a trophy, that gives them a new 'level'. I was taught by the support here to use the titles and trophies to get member ranks, since we don't have the feature itself in the script.

So, new members are called 'just joined', when they have posted 100 messages, they get 100 points and are called Level 1. When their post count reaches 200 messages they get 100 more points and are called 'Level 2' and so on. So basically each 100 posts get them 100 points and a new trophy/rank on a superior level.

Now the problem.

I run 3 kinds of 'programs' on my forums, to reward my best members: Member of the Month, Site of the Month and 3 Post of the Month. When my members get these accolades, I place them a custom title according to their received 'rank'.

The problem is that the trophy system STOPS counting their levels, thus I have now my ex-member of the month who's posted 800 posts (yes, he's been the best member in our community and contributed a lot of content) but who's level 4 since the trophy system doesn't update his rank.

What do I do now? Do I have to enter phpmyadmin EACH TIME I change my members ranks? Would this mean that, if I set him as a level 8 from phpmyadmin (I assume I will know how to do it) the trophy system will pick off and change the ranks automatically? Or do I need to discontinue my programs just because xenforo lacks a basic ranking/title system?

Any ideas are much appreciated. Thank you in advance.