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XF 1.4 User Title Ladder images


is there a way to use instead of the blank names of the User title Ladder an Image instead?

Or for each User Title in the ladder another banner style?

I am not talking about the Default user Groups like "Registered",...

If somebody can tell me how to figure out how to read in the code the actual User Title of members, then I think I would know how to replace the Text with an image via CSS.

Maybe I also miss something, and my problem can be solved in a different way o_O

I searched so long for an plugin - without success :(

What is the sense of a userladder, when it can not be used for actions?

I am happy if somebody helps me out.
Otherwise I have to request a plugin because I need this feature urgent to replace user Titles with an image.


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I'd consider looking at the User Banners instead of the titles from ladders as a starting point. There is existing code there to allow custom css and you can create all your own banners with whatever styling you want, including images. I don't even use the Ladder titles, I use a Title override in the groups based on post count (or whatever you want) so that the default ladder titles are never shown. That way I can always assign a banner (which could be anything you want, not specifically a "banner")
I don't even use the Ladder titles, I use a Title override in the groups based on post count (or whatever you want)
Can you give me an example for this?

You mean you have the "User Group" REGISTERED and then you use the "User Name CSS:" o_O

BUT how to write in there conditions?
If I could write, when x Trphies then Show this Banner or Image, I would be fine.

But to @XenForo I have to ask, why is there a User Title Ladder, if it can not be styled or used in a useful way :rolleyes:

Yes I know this group styling page ;)
But when I understand it right, I would have to create for every User "Rank" an own group.
It is not possible to use the group REGISTERED and just write css code where you can specify conditions like

when 10 Trophies --> use this style
when 50 Trophies --> use that style

I have to create for every of this conditions a own group and style this group.

Is my understanding right :unsure:


P.S. In Xenforo_model there is the class UserTitleLadder.php
public function getUserTitleLadder()

But I don`t find the position of the function call,...

I did a file search and a template search.
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Let me explain this better.
You wish to find something like this:

It's custom coded for vBulletin, but I try code it to XenForo.
You can use a html user title and use this code:

<img src="imager URL" style="width:304px;height:228px;">