Add-on User Thread Limit


I was looking around last night and wasn't able to find anything that matched what I was looking for.

I have a Classifieds section of my forum and would like to put a limit on how many threads users have at a time. Once the thread prefix has changed from "For Sale" to "Sold" they will be able to post another one.

For example:
User - Can post 2 items for sale in the marketplace
Premium User - Can post up to 5 items for sale in the marketplace

Can this be done easily or is there something out there that can do this already?

Thanks in advanced.


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So if I were to change the Timeframe to 0 and the bottom one to 2. Than that would mean they are only allowed to have 2 at a time, correct??
No, 0 means that this feature isn't enabled for this node.
You could use a really high number or if you get this addon, i would customize it for you and remove the time limit.

This was never requested before, so we didn't include it yet.
Maybe it's worth to include it into the core addon?