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In my settings under styles i have only one style set as default (Social) and only the 1 option to be selected, but i have just noticed that if you go into user Preferences in the users control panel it is giving the option for the xenforo default to be selected when the permission isn't set for this to be allowed in my admin control panel.

This looks like a possible fault because surely it shouldn't be over riding what i have set in my admin control panel.

I dont normally have much luck with help when it comes to XenForo so i am really hoping someone will pop up and help me this time please, thank you in advance i would appreciate it.

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As an administrator, you can select styles that aren't user selectable. They are indicated with an asterisk (*).
This must be a fault then because users are being shown the xenforo style to choose when its not even selected in my admin control panel :(
EDIT: Just double checked in my admin control panel and the xenforo style definitely has a line through it so it definitely is deselected.


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I cannot reproduce this on 1.2, I will look into it with 1.1 and see if its a reproducible thing. If it is, its a bug. If not, we need to dig into your forum deeper. Is it selectable using the style chooser in the footer?

Edit: Cannot reproduce on 1.1.

Is your account_preferences template edited?


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I have to admit i cannot use the style chooser at the footer because my cookie corner notice is in the way lol, the problem at present is only being caused by the user preferences option...


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Is your account_preferences template edited? What add-ons do you have installed?
Sorry i dozed off last night, just got back from work. No that template hasn't been edited.

I have the following installed:
Avatar for Banned Users
BarfiLounge Member Poke
Cookie Control
Create Thread on Warning
Deny Country
Email Change Log
Monthly Email
Registration Form Timer
Separate Sticky and Normal Threads
Staff Application
Top Users
User Self Delete
Username change
vBulletin 4 Importer To XenForo 1.1
Who has visited today
XFA - Bump Thread
XFServices.com | Sponsor Blocks
[GP] Donations
[RT] Online Status Ribbon
[xfr] User Albums


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No, as I said earlier, un selectable styles are shown to administrators.
Ahh that's that problem sorted then, it was my second admin who was able to change the style setting in his user control panel preferences.
Its silly really if you have it set in the admin control panel so members cannot change styles then there shouldn't be an option in the user control panel for admin.


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I usually have a development style that I as an administrator use, so I can test changes before deploying them to users.
Can i ask you about another little issue i have come across, on the new recent Beta version there is a reports option at the top left of the screen and for some reason since i have changed a few group permissions it has disappeared. Do you know why this could be? I cant see an actual permission for it.