User Specific Styling [Paid] [Deleted]

I've been looking for an addon just like this! Great work... But can you post some pics of how usernames, etc look once the changes have been applied. And can users make their own changes or is it Admins only.?
currently only admins can change these values and i will make some additional screenshots soon.

EDIT: screenshot2.png
Is there any plans to allow user to do this them self? If so, please make permissions for each item (profile name, title and posts). I know when you allow changing default color of posts, many don't think about contrasts or readability.

BTW, if or when there are front end permissions, I would buy it in an instant. Combine that with ICE shop, and suddenly the shop addon becomes more useful.
Is it possible to apply an image (I assume not currently) to a users markup? say padding-left: 20px background: imagepath no-repeat; ?
howdy, excellent add-on one issue is this however after installing this member page sidebar looks like this

Can you add Usergroup permissions to this addon, so Admin can set Group permissions for each setting:

Username Color
Custom Title Color
Default Post Color

This way, members can set their own colours and font.
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