User side or server side problem - Lag while posting


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This is a weird issue that popped up just a few minutes back. One of my members (co-admin) is facing a kind of lag. This issue is only with him, which makes me think its a problem on his side but just to be sure I'm asking this here so that it doesn't turn out to be a big problem.

What's happening is, while posting a reply he creates "post reply" and the loading icon appears, but the "post reply" button doesn't grey out it is still active. While he thinks its not posted, the post is actually posted and appears for everyone. I've included a screenshot of what he is seeing, you can see its still loading the reply for him while actually it has already been posted.

Anyone have any idea how he can solve the problem? Maybe clear browser cache? Or is it really a server side/xenforo side problem?


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Ok a small update, this issue is only occurring in firefox. He switched to Chrome and everything seems to be working fine. Any ideas what in firefox may be causing this issue?
Update: Firefox 6 to be precise
I've told him to try out if the problem re-occurs here.

Update again: Ok, the same problem doesn't occur here on lag while posting/replying :|

Sorry for confusing anyone reading, but this problem is giving us laughs as well as headaches xD


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The Add-ons he has on firefox are:
Ad-blocker plus 1.3.9
Chatzilla 0.9.87
Firebug 1.8.1
WOT 20110704

The add-ons running on the board are
BBCode Manager

Edit: I asked multiple firefox users, none of them are facing the same problem.


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In that case it would seem to be a local browser issue and there's not much that can be done about it.

Tell him to disable the FF add-ons one at a time until the issue is resolved.


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I thought of that Brogan, I'm going to install the same add-ons as him and see if the problems occur. If it doesn't I'll tell him to clear his cache and the usual stuff. If it occurs I'll try to find out which add-on was creating problems on FF.

Thanks :)


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Well, he didn't disable any add-on and the problem solved in itself. I guess there was something minor that got fixed :p