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I feel this would be best as a native feature of XenForo, but I would like to see a field type (e.g. for custom user or thread fields) that allows selecting a forum user. This field type already exists in several places within XenForo and simply allows typing a user's name. A prompt will appear allowing the user to click the found user.

This would be useful for several situations:
  • Assigning a user to a support thread.
  • Metrics!
    • A custom form which asks how the user found your site. One option could be "I was referred by a user" and this box would appear allowing them to credit that user.
    • A custom user field that describes what administrator approved the user. (This would rely upon an admin policy rather than anything built-in).
  • Tag a user in a gallery, such as giving credit to the photographer/artist/responsible party in question. (Probably wouldn't notify without additional plugin support, but saying X user is the creator could be helpful for crediting/licensing reasons, assuming said creator is active on the forums).
  • If multiple selections are allowed, it could allow creators to tag multiple authors of an article or post.
    • Alternatively, if site policy says all articles are posted under a common business account, this could allow identifying the author(s) of the post.
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