User Search/Batch additions: Last post date, reaction-post ratio, thread, node


Hello, I'd like to propose adding the following functionality to the "Search for users" & "Batch update users" page & results-

Search for users/Batch update users

Add the following:
  • Last message posted between: [date]-[date]
  • Reaction score/message count ratio between: [number]-[number]
  • Posted in Forum [enter NodeIDs]
  • Posted in Thread [enter ThreadIDs]


Results page

Add the following sortable columns to the results page:
  • Messages
  • Reaction score
  • Reaction score/message count ratio


This would help to identify users who are bringing high quality discussion (or over-posting lacking quality) to specific threads/nodes.

The "last message posted" would be helpful if you want to find the group of users who have (or have not) been consistently posting throughout a specific timeline.

Thank you to Xenforo and the community here for such a fantastic platform
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