XF 2.2 User Save event listener - invalid class


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I am trying to capture when a user saves their profile. I want to update a field when a custom value is changed.

I have my addon and what I think is correct class/method but I get an error
Callback Crispin\CountryAdjust\user::visitorSetup is invalid (error_invalid_class).


namespace Crispin\CA\Listener;

use XF\Mvc\Entity\Structure;

class User extends XFCP_User

    public static function visitorSetup(\XF\Entity\User &$visitor)
        return true;   

I've tried to plumb it in like this:

and my code is in src\AddOns\Crispin\CountryAdjust

Admittedly, all the above is copied from anther post here. Clearly I am missing something. :(
When a user saves their profile i use this part. Its in src/addons/My/AddOn/Listener.php


namespace My\AddOn;

use XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity;

class Listener
    public static function entityPreSaveUserProfile(\XF\Mvc\Entity\Entity $entity)
        return something;

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You declared your namespace as \Crispin\CA\Listener\User, but are using \Crispin\CountryAdjust\User in your declaration.

Also visitorSetup is the wrong event. You want entity pre save with event hint XF:User and/or XF:UserProfile
... and a listener method normally should not be in a class extension.

If this is the only method the class extension does define, this would also not be compliant with the resource standards.

Last but not least you would also need to define this class extension if you really want to have the listener in the extension class, just defining the listener won't be enough in this case.
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