XF 1.2 User Reporting Login Problems from Iphone 5s


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It's a weird issue, and a user mailed us using the contact form.

The user is using Iphone 5s, along with stock safari browser and cannot log in on the forum (http://orojackson.com). The user says there is no error, but that the page just refreshes after credentials are added but the log-in never goes through, the user returns as a guest.

This is the first time such a issue was reported to us, I asked another user on my forum who also uses an Iphone (version not sure) and he said we was able to log in fine. So I'm guessing its something with Iphone 5s and stock Safari?

I asked the user if Cookies were being allowed and he said yes. Have asked him to check with another browser app to see if the problem occurs.