XF 1.2 User Registration


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Here are my user registration settings...
xen1.png xen2.png xen3.png xen4.png

Sometimes I will get a user notification on the top left (admin bar) that says I need to approve, decline, and etc the member?

Aren't they supposed to approve themselves through email confirmation? Or do I get that notification because they are a potential threat to my site?


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Should I up that limit to two checks? Or is 1 good?
I have been approving all the people who fail 1 check. How do I know if they are a threat or not? They havent posted any messages since being approved.


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IP, Username, Email are the three checks that can be performed in Stop Forum Spam. You have it set so that if any one of those fail, it places the user in manual moderation.

You also have the other option set to be manually verified, but I'm not sure what that verification checks.