XF 1.4 User Ranks not showing up right on their profile.

Attached on the picture I have 2 Staff Managers, 2 Community Managers, a Supervisor and Myself. 1 Community Manager (Wardog11b) for some reason it always says "Active Member" under his name even though he has all the permissions of a Community Manager. The other Staff Member (CrazyCroat) purchased an account upgrade for VIP, and it overwrote his Staff Manager title that was there.

I also want to note that I have to have all users Primary Group set to "Registered" because of our group plugin "Social Groups for Xenforo by snog".

Any help figuring this out would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Here is how they show up

CrazyCroat's user groups

Wardog11b's user groups


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The display styling priority for the user groups determines which one is applied.

The highest one takes precedence, unless the member has a custom user title set.


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Active Member is one of the default user titles and the titles are typically awarded based on trophy points.

You can override it on a per user group setting.