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Every day we have many people (bots?) sign up and not complete the validation process.

Their profile page is full of links so I'm sure they are just link farming.

I understand that nofollow is used so these links will not help them, but I would like to not allow them to do this.

Are any of these options currently possible?

1.) Not allow users that have not fully validated appear in the latest member in the forum statistics sidebar block.
2.) Not allow user profiles to be viewed for the users that have not fully validated.
3.) Now allow links in the user profile by groups?

Jake Bunce

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1) It already does this. If you are seeing a different behavior then perhaps it's a different stats block... for an addon perhaps.

2) It already does this too. It's actually based on this moderator permission:

Admin CP -> Users -> List User Groups -> [click a group] -> Bypass user privacy

Meaning that only users with this permission can view the profiles of pending registrations.

3) There is no such feature, but this is kind of moot given #1 and #2.