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User Profile / Tab for "Private Conversations"


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I am wondering if any of our talented Add-on coders is willing to code this ?

Please let me know!

Make this "Conversations"-block so flexible, that it can be integrated into any XenForo-page.


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Is this a hint/nudge of some kind ;)
I assume you are not looking for a custom add-on, so the question is... is there a demand for such a feature?


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hmm... sorry I was just looking at your Profile-page when I had the idea. :D
I hope you do not mind ?

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- The above mockup is the feature / implementation to be used in XenForo-default.
- I do have another use-case at which this "Conversations"-block (this feature) should be integrated into a "XenForo-Page" (which is a rather "custom" use-case).

Please let me know if you want to know more details about the "custom" use-case.



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I would be interested in something like this also. A way for members to IM each other from profile, postbit etc...

I would also be willing to invest in such a feature :)