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User Profile - Prefixed Threads [Paid] 2.1.1

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Xon submitted a new resource:

User Profile - Prefixed Threads - Add tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix

This add-on allows you to add tabs to user profiles that contain threads they started with a certain prefix. There's no limit to how many you may display.

Admin Panel:

Underneath the "Users" -> "User Customization" navigation menu, you'll see a new link for managing "User prefixed threads tabs". This is where you'll be able to view, add, edit, and delete the profile tabs.

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User Profile

The prefixed threads tabs display on the user...

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yeah nice one thank you...i am not sure how intensive the query would be but if it had the number of prefixes contained in each tab next to the title, like...

test tab(9) next tab(3)

and such....what u think?


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Query wise, it is 1 query to find all the tabs, then 1 query for each tab to check to see if it should display.

I've considered reducing the number of queries, but the query would need to be quite complex


@Xon is there a way to up the max limit of twenty displayed threads? (Or preferably, move it to multiple pages?")

Users are not seeing more than 20 prefixed threads at my site under their profile tabs and I dont see an option to increase it.


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The number of threads is currently controlled by the global "Discussions per page" option.


Can it show the total number of created threads with a specific prefix as a user field in the message user info? Like below number of posts, number of “threads with prefix X”