XF 2.0 User Private Message reply emails being received by admin

Hi there,

We're fairly new to XF2. I am the admin on the forum and I seem to be occasionally receiving emails showing parts of private message conversations between users. It seems that a user is getting an email notification of a new PM, clicking reply to the email and it's coming to me...Can anyone tell me how to stop this please? It's only a matter of time before I'm privy to something private/personal which could be awkward.

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Don't include the conversation text in emails if you are concerned about privacy.

Reallly though, you just need to educate your members and tell them to not respond via email.
Is there a setting somewhere to not include the text in the emails?

Is there some way of changing the text to say 'you've got a new message, click this link to go to you PM inbox'....?

Thanks, Andy


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Enter 'full text' in the ACP search to locate the option stetting.

There are various phrases related to emails - you could edit one of those to add your custom content.