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User name search in xf forums and backend


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I'm pretty sure this was discussed before but I am not able to find appropriate threads:

The autocompletion/suggestion layer when searching for user names (eg. on members page in forums and at several locations in backend) is very limited. It does show 10 user names only, no chance to see more because scrolling within the layer is not intended.

In my forums A LOT of users have similiar names at the beginning, all start with the two most important words of our main topic. In most cases its not possible to type in more letters to filter more while searching, because either the names are still very similar or one simply does not know how the name is spelled the next letters...

So, it would be great to have at least 50 or even 100 user names scrollable listed in the layer. Any chance to simply achieve that? Could I do it at a central place (don't want to edit 20 templates) with css "overflow:scroll"?!


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If this is a suggestion, you'll need to post in the XenForo Suggestions forum. If this is a question, you'll need to post in the support section in order to receive support.


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Its neither, at the moment. Its a question, if there is already anything like this, what I oversee. If there is nothing, I will post it as suggestion. Thanks!


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Thanks for moving.
So, this means till now this was no topic and there is no solution known? Ok, this will change to a suggestion then. Hope others need this too.

Once again thank you.