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Add-on User moderation queue on front end [Crowd Fund]

Jon W

Well-known member
Hi all,

I have been approached to create an add-on for allowing moderators to access the user moderation queue from the front-end (rather than having to have ACP access).

This would be similar to the normal moderation queue on the front-end and the user moderation queue on the back-end that would simply list all the users and allow the moderator to select whether to do nothing, approve, or reject with a reason. As part of this, I would make profiles of users awaiting approval visible to those moderators so they can check the user's information. The email address of the user will (optionally) be viewable by the moderator on the moderation queue screen.

If anyone is interested in contributing to the development of this add-on, please contact me by PM to discuss.

Deadline for contributions is next Thursday (22nd May).

Time scale for developing this add-on would be 2-3 weeks from 22nd May if target is reached.

Thanks for your consideration.