XF 2.2 User menu permissions

El Porcharo

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I've spent the whole day searching for a way to prevent unconfirmed user to navigate around the account settings, conversations, notifications and so on.

Looks like the only way to achieve something similar to what I need, is template modifications.
But since this is quite time-consuming for me (my style have different ways to reach those sections) I was thinking if it could be possible to set something like a permission to access all user account menu items, to have a more effective solution.

Is there any way to achieve this somehow?
Thanks for your prompt reply Paul,
I've already checked that user group permissions but unless I am blind, I haven't found any option related to this.

I'll take a closer look
That's the extent of the control built in without an add-on, editing templates, or using CSS to hide elements (which won't prevent them access certain functionality if they know how).
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