XF 1.4 User groups


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I "thought" I understood the user group system, but I am not sure.

All members should be in the "registered" group.

Then they can be in a secondary group which overrides permissions set by the "registered" group, right?

So if someone is in the "registered" group and I suspend them for bad behavior and make their secondary group the "suspended" group, does the "suspended" group permissions override the primary registered group permissions?

The "suspended" group has "no not set" for posting and viewing posts, while the "registered" group allows both.


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I read that before I asked the question, but I still do not understand.

By permissions are "cumulative" do you mean the secondary user group permissions override the first?

Please answer the below::

I have a "Registered" users primary group: has permission to post and view forums. All members are in this as the primary group per your recommendation

"Suspended" secondary group: permission to post or view forums set to "no not set"

My question is if I add someone from the registered group to the secondary group of "suspended" can they post and view the forums? If so, what do I do? Make their primary group "suspended"?


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Okay, sorry I missed your last sentence.

So I will set the suspended user group to "never" and I will be all set.

Thanks for the quick responses and for this wonderful software!