XF 1.5 User Groups help

Hi guys, so i need a little help, ive only just been able to purchase my XF license and finally started my new forums! How ever, i would like it so that when guests and newly registered members (0 posts) can only see one forum and have to create a discussion in that forum to unlock the rest of the board, is this possible or am i asking to much?

i do not want it as an add on i just simply want to create the user group so the can only see the "Introduce Yourself" Forum
i want it because it will help stop spam and is just a little added security i suppose


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Revoke the view permission for all forums other than that one and create a user group promotion for 1 post, with the promoted user group having view permissions for the other forums.

Note though that the post count is for all posts, which includes replies.
It's not possible to do a promotion based on thread count only.
Thats ok, i would rather them let the community know they are there before they can go ahead and "use" the main feautures :)
can i not make it so they cant reply to a thread but only create a thread?
Great, if I revoke access to categories will it save the issue of doing the other forums also?
when they sign up i want to make them introduce their self to the community before they can post unlock the rest of the forums
now, ive created the user promotion, how can i change their permission?
ive set the upgrade to user has to post 1 message
but i cant find permissions anywhere, do i have to create another user group?
ive done the following, so in user prmotion ive created "Member" and i also created a "Member" user group
in user group promotion i have the following
Promotion Active
add user to group Member
and to be promoted user must post at least 1 message (That must be a topic created?)

but the test account is not being auto promoted for some reason and when i try and manual promote nothing neither


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I've just added this to my criteria add-on, which you may be interested in:

I'll be releasing the update later.