User Group Promotion - Allow Admin to enter SQL criteria and send Conversation message


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This discussion from @ProCom got me thinking of a great suggestion ...

Screen Shot 2017-06-24 at 10.10.47.png

It would be great is we could enter our own SQL as the selection criteria for a user group promotion.

user_id being the primary/required select value for each record returned from the custom SQL.

And on this 'SQL Options' tab, we also have;
  1. a text input line allowing admins to add some text that will be included in the user alert for the upgrade
  2. a textarea field with editor, allowing admin to enter the text of a conversation message that can also be sent to the user further explaining/celebrating the reason for the user group promotion.
With this SQL option, I'm sure the community would share posts/threads with all sorts of SQL statements that could be used by admins, so that others with no/minimal SQL ability could also make extensive use of this capability.


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Personally, I'm not sure whether it would be a good idea to let the admin enter custom SQL.

But I really like the idea of automatically starting a new conversation on usergroup promotion. A similar option already exists: "Start welcome conversation on registration".

Edit: After having given this some more thought, I think notices are a better fit for what I'm trying to achieve.
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