XF 2.2 User deleted thread contrary to permissions - how can that be?

As the title says, I had an incidence this morning where a long running thread was deleted by the thread originator, contrary to how the permissions for user groups are set and I'm at a loss to see how that can be or what may have happened.

Permissions are set so a user can delete their own post(s) but not delete a thread - clearly if they do the latter they also delete all other posts by other users within that thread.

As super admin I've undeleted the thread but fear I'm going to get locked into a battle with the user in question who may just re-delete it again.

Is that correct that a user can delete a thread they started? Or if they delete the first post in a thread will that delete the entire thread?

Do I need to amend my permissions so a User can't delete their own posts either?

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