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Liam W

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Liam W submitted a new resource:

User Choose Home - Allow your users to choose their own home page...

This is a relatively simple addon that will allow your users to set their own index page route.

If this is set, it will bypass the option value and users will be shown the page at the route set when they visit your site without a route URL.

There is a permission to control who can access this.

As always, this can be demoed at :)

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Hello Liam,
that`s a very good idea. I made a similar suggestion recently:
and would like to ask if you could add a an additional "set user home default per usergroup" setting. This way we could have different default user homes per usergroup which could be overwritten by our users choice.
thank you - all the best,

I'd love to have this feature for my forum. I have a forum with a lot of subforums and every group "owns" a subforum. Please add this feature + 1.5 support! ♥