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User banners enhancement - mixture of stackable and non-stackable


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I'd like to suggest an enhancement to user banners where you can select which ones are stackable and which aren't. This could be achieved via a "make stackable" tick box in the user group itself.

The reason for this suggestion is that currently you only have an option of showing just one banner (plus staff banner) or all banners. You can't just show, say 2 banners, when a user is in multiple groups.

On my forum the current set-up is that full members display a Senior Citizen banner. We also use the Trophy User Titles and some members can also use Custom Titles. In addition, all members are added to up to 3 additional groups (Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3) with increasing privileges depending on how active they are.

What I want to achieve is this:

This would be achieved by making the Senior Citizen banner non-stackable and the Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 banners stackable.

Currently I can only achieve these (the first with banners stackable and the second with banners non-stackable)

upload_2014-4-18_11-30-10.png upload_2014-4-18_11-32-8.png

As I said, we use Trophy User Titles/Custom Titles so can't use the option in user groups for this. Also the user group promotions mean that users are automatically added to groups with increasing functionality so, for example, removing a user from the Level 1 and Level 2 groups and then adding to Level 3 group isn't a possibility as user group promotions don't work this way.


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I like this, though I would have to add:

Make "Banner Groups", that way say you can have different levels in the "Donator group", "Member Group", etc. So one Donator and one Member banner would show from their respective groups.
I do however think they also need to add a maximum amount of stackable banners that is a variable that can be customized by the users. 0 to unlimited or 3 to only display the top 3 style display priority while the rest below that top 3 is hidden only on the forums not on their profile. This would stop making forums look ugly to some.
This is certainly a MUST. Forum users love there badges they're able to obtain.

I also want my users of whom upgrade to 'Premium' not to carry over there 'Member' badge as it looks very unprofessional.


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This is something we also need, having several normal levels usergroups and want the highest level not all of them!
What we could do is to setup usergroup criteria "if not member of X group" for last level, it will "remove" the older level usergroup if the user is on the new one, still it's a complex system for how permissions are setup. =/

If Xenforo implements this option it should also come with a tweak to High Priority only display on postbit, but still allowing to display them all on user profile. :)

Floyd R Turbo

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This could also be as simple as displaying only the highest priority banner within a specific set of priority levels. For instance, 400-500, 600-700, 900-1000, etc. Then if you had 410, 420, 440, 460, etc and a user was a member of 420 and 440, only 440 would show up.

Then if they were also part of 610, 625, 660, etc whatever, they would show 440 and 660.


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This a hugely necessary improvement. I have the exact same scenario as you @Martok as it is the best way to have staggered permissions introduced to members as they become more active in the community. However having too many banners can be very ugly.