XF 1.4 User "Account Upgrades" for free?


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How can I do this????

On VB, I allowed members to Opt In to a specific user group so they could see additional content... I made it an action the user had to take to see the content.

In xF, I don't see how to do this. It appears that selecting to join a user group is not an option (that I can find), and Upgrading requires a value larger then zero, I don't want to charge for the upgrade.

Am I missing something easy? Is there an alternative way to allow a user to opt in to an user group?



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Thank you, that worked... not as easy as making any Account Upgrades free, but it worked. Now to explain things to the membership.
Why cant this be added? It is a huge difference having free subs with payed once on a single page.
I mean i do not know if its possible but it seems easy to us users to add this to xenforo.