Use xenForo functions outside of the forums?

Mark Drake

New member
I have a single-sign-on integration project and I would prefer to use xenForo's sign-in and registration across the web site and each individual game's web site. I have experience programming in PHP but we just recently purchased your product and I'm not familiar with it.

For example, if I were to do something similar with WordPress, I would do a php include to the wp_load.php which loads WordPress, cookies, session control, and gives me access to perform all the regular function calls I would need to use.

Is there a similar file that can be included?

Mark Drake

New member

Thanks for the reply - however I was simply using WordPress as an example above.

AKA - if you had a 'blog' section of your web site that was a WordPress install, but the rest of your web site was standard HTML or some other CMS you could do a simple php file include of the "wp_load.php" file. This single file loads all of WordPress's resources, functions, etc and makes them useable outside of the installation.

I need to do this very exact thing for XenForo's message board. Example, testing whether a user is logged in or not and showing them the proper login or registration box - while he or she is on a page outside of the XenForo installation.

Does my explanation make sense? :)