Lack of interest Use raw BBCode when switching WYSIWYG->Plain with no edits

Luke F

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It would be nice if when using the
button without having made any changes in the WYSIWYG editor, that the original bbcode is used rather than a conversion from what is currently in TinyMCE.

This would be a nice workaround to the many bugs in TinyMCE, such as this and this.

Having to go so far as to toggle the plain text editor in my user preferences every time I want to edit a post with lists in it (which applies to the majority of addon release threads) is pretty tiresome.

Mike Creuzer

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there is no conversion back to BB Code
I don't understand. Do you need a Bb Code editor or an Html editor? Which conversation are you talking to?

Edit: I've just seen your message here. The XenForo pages are using html. In my opinion, the addon should use a different editor. Since it's to edit html, ckeditor would be better for this. It doesn't matter here if it takes time to load.

Mike Creuzer

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Yes, this would be great so that way I can do whatever I want on a page. Or even if I do use BB code, it would at least convert back so elements aren't styled by the editor itself (something an editor should never do).