URL's with multiple parameters


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Sorry if I missed a message on the matter, but couldn't quite find anything.

I need to call a page/module that requests over GET several parameters.

router->resolveAction* only works with the following schemas "moduleName/paramName.digit/actionName" and "moduleName/paramName/string/actionName"

But I need to know a number of parameters. So either I write a whole new route code, very much like Jaxel has done, or I get dirty with base64_encode, which is a whole new challenge, and looks ugly and can't be properly worked on in the templates!

Anyone already solved the issue?


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I wanted to use the Xenforo methods for sanity checks. For those reasons I wanted to re-use the routing system.

For the time I am base64ing the actual paramentes and using a simple string. To work against tampering I'll actually crypt it vs some key. Troublesome and CPU intensive, but either that or I rewrite all my code to do sanity checks. :(