Uploading or Overwriting Files Through Filezilla Corruption


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When I upload the same version of a file, basically reupload it, when overwriting the file it says the original file is smaller.

I've noticed that with several addons. I've had a lot of addons that had issues but after reuploading the files directly from File Manager in cPanel the issues with some of those addons were fixed.

I'm using Filezilla 3.5.3 Is there something wrong with my filezilla?

Jake Bunce

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Is the problem just the file size? That might be misreported. For example, if you are using a Mac then OS X defines 1MB as 1,000,000 bytes instead of 1,048,576 bytes like all other systems.

Otherwise you might be uploading in the wrong mode (ASCii versus Binary). But FileZilla uses "auto" by default which should use the correct mode.