Upload Audio and Create a 'Radio Station' of sorts

Core Freedom

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Does anyone know if it's possible to have background music playing that people can turn on and off as they visit the site?

I don't want the audios to be listed like the videos, it should be more of a very simple audio player display that says 'listen to our radio station while browsing our site.' Ideally it would give something like 3-4 choices of styles.

I don't want to stream other sites' music, I'd rather uploaded my own pieces and keep them contained on the sever somewhere.

Is anyone doing something similar?

Core Freedom

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This is so cool! Thank you. I can't believe Firefox doesn't support mp3 though. :(

What is a JS?

How would I go about building it so that the system randomly chooses different songs each time the visitor comes back? The way the list looks it would just play one after another but that would get kind of boring. And how do I have the name of the song appear and maybe even tie it to an Amazon affiliate link so they can buy the song? (I'm thinking ahead) ;)

Core Freedom

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For my site it's not that bad since it's just for background/relaxation purposes. But doing a Google search I found this and it might help you, http://joelaz.com/post/28132796/how-to-make-your-own-music-site-in-10-minutes. It's a pretty cool system and leaves the bandwidth off your site but I'm not sure if you can place on your own site or if it's just for Facebook, MySpace, etc.

I'm reviewing an option to place music on my server (just about 20-100 songs tops). What I can't figure out is how it'll randomly pick new songs, otherwise a person always starts at song 1 - which will get boring really fast.

Will let you know when I come up with a perfect solutions.