Upload Add-on to xenforo resource manager, or my own website?

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Adam K M

Active member

I'm currently about to release my first add-on on xenforo, and for free. I was wondering about the pros / cons to having it downloadable directly through xenforo's resource manager, or if I should make it downloadable through my own website.
Can you give me valid reasons for each one? I'm currently leaning towards having it on my own website, that way I can (possibly) have more visitors being engaged on my website (I did make the add-on as a form of promotion after all). Are there some rules I don't know about, regarding this?

Thanks for your speedy response!

Mike Creuzer

Well-known member
Hi there!

No disrespect intended but I think only you can truly know the answer to this question as it depends on what your personal goals are. If you have any of the following, and not necessarily just these, you might want to host on your own site:
  • Advertising
  • Premium products
  • More specific tracking/user registrations
  • More control in general
Some of my products I release for the good of the community and have no personal interest in, so thats when I release here and not on my site.


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If I were you I would put the download link to my own forum. A con about that is that most likely a lot of users will be complaining that why would they have to register elsewhere just to download the add on etc etc. I have seen it more than once here happening.