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XF 1.2 Upload A file, Preview Buttons - Colors


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I have an issue with some button colors on my forum. The "Upload a file" and "Preview" button when creating a thread are white when they are not hovered over. When you hover over them with your mouse, they turn the correct colors. I have tried everything I can think of to fix this, but cannot.

No other buttons on my forum does this. Not the create a thread, or post a message buttons. None of them but when creating a thread. Here is a picture showing what I mean:

As you can see. They are white and un-readable pretty much. Instead of the pink color they should be. Here is a picture of what they look like when you hover over one of them (They turn the correct color):

My mouse is over the Upload a file button, but you cannot see it. You will notice it gets colro while the button to its right which isn't hovered over. Is white..

I cannot solve this!

Thank you


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If you can provide a link to a thread, I can take a look.
I noticed something. If I go to the color pallet and invert the top set of colors, instead of being white they turn black. Meaning there is code somewhere telling them to be
like "@inlineMod" or something, so when I invert the colors inlinemod turns from white to black, so they do as well. If I could find that code, I could set the colors accordingly.

I don't want to change any pallet colors, since it would screw with all the other things looking to them for color.


Even if I link to a thread, you can't find those boxes unless you signup because you can only find those buttons when creating a thread.