XF 2.2 Upload 100x100 avatars without scaling down to 96x96?


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I am in the process of importing all my user avatars from another forum to xenforo (via the API)

ALL the avatars being imported are 100x100 px.

I've noticed xenforo scales them down to 96x96 and stores them in the avatars/m folder.

I know this will probably involve changing a couple templates, but is there a way to
  1. keep the original 100x100 avatar sizes in the avatars/m folder without resizing.
  2. and then change the message-avatar-wrapper so it fits in the message section of the thread?
I feel it's a shame to lose resolution of every single avatar just for 4 pixels. If I could keep them all at 100x100 it just seems like the right thing to do.

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