Upgrading to PHP 5.4


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Hey :)

Looks like my server guy is going to be upgrading our server to PHP 5.4 at the weekend. He's also going to switch us from eAccelerator to APC at the same time.

We only run xF on the server (dedicated box with CentOS, WHM, Cpanel, Apache), so any "gotcha's" we need to be aware of before he goes ahead?



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What version of PHP are you running now? I'm running CentOS and PHP5.4, recently changing from 5.3, and haven't noticed any issues with xF.

I think there was an issue with a PHP Notice showing if you had debug turned on (starting with PHP 5.3), but I "think" that was resolved in xF 1.1.4 or 1.1.5, and it also applied to PHP 5.3.


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In case anyone is interested, I thought I would update this thread, post upgrade...

We've now been running latest Apache & PHP, with Percona and APC configured too, for a couple of weeks. Before the upgrades, our dedicated server was running (on average) at around the 5% CPU mark.

After the changes, it doesn't go above 0.3% CPU.

Happy? You could say that :D