Upgrading removed some of my colour changes


The forum category area background was blue on my forum as I did not like the standard colour. now it's just white,? cannot seem to change it back, even to default. :confused:

It's the category background with the orange type colour I'm trying to change.


Fixed it by deleting the nodelist template, I did make a few changes in there so that must have been the problem.

Jake Bunce

XenForo moderator
Staff member
Probably because of this:


Style Properties

As we said in our Beta 1 announcement, we have made significant strides in integrating our CSS into the style properties system. The content of the forum list and forum view pages are now almost completely controlled by style properties.​
However, we would like to take this opportunity to solicit feedback on the work we have done so far. Do you think that there are now too many style properties in the Sidebar, Forum List, Discussion List, Message User Info and Message Content style property groups, or would you prefer to see a much broader set controlling a more macro level of detail?​
Some of these properties control fairly advanced functionality, and we would like to hear your opinion on the approach we have taken before we commit to applying the same degree of 'style propertisation' to the rest of the system.​