XF 1.2 Upgrading from 1.2.1 to 1.2.4

I haven't upgraded to any of the other updates but I'm thinking of upgrading to 1.2.4. I have a question, to make sure everything I have installed is compatible, styles, add-ons, etc., am I able to just download my site and try it all offline? I have a local test site on my computer but it's way behind the live site since there were a few add-ons and style changes I made on the fly and didn't need to use the test site.


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I just posted this on another thread.

My first suggestion would be to create a test site which is a duplicate of your live site and do the upgrade on that first.

Outdated template will be marked as such - you will be given the option of merging or reverting (and re-editing).

You will have to check each add-on and confirm which versions of XenForo they are compatible with.
Upgrading will more than likely be necessary for some of them.