XF 1.5 Upgrading forum, admin appears for all users during installation

Hi, I'm updating my forum installation and something weird happened. I turned the forum off while uploading the update files to the FTP so the forum was down for a while, but after uploading some files, the main URL redirected to the installation screen for every user.

Why did this happen? Is there a way to make sure the forum will be offline for normal users while updating?


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That is strange, once the files were loaded it should have shut the board off till the upgrade had completed.

What version were you going from - to?

S Thomas

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If you override your files and you're still on a lower version, this can be interpreted the same as "missing or corrupted", because, well, the expected content is missing. At least this is my experience with XF upgrades.
Was upgrading to 1.5.18 from 1.4.something. What @yoloswaggerino mentioned makes sense since I was overwriting files and not merging them. I had to restore a backup and start again, restricting access to the server to make sure it didn't happen again. Thanks for the comments!