XF 2.2 Upgrades doesn't change old templates on a remote server


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I'm building an add-on on a local server. After I changed some html errors I bumped version and builtd-release. I do upgrade an addon on a remote server and it doesn't change those html errors in html templates, they are still there. I purged cache on Cloudflare, I bump version & built a new releese several times, I restarted my computer, I cleared cache in a browser.

What's going on? How it can be possible?
On a local server it works as expected, html is without errors.

P.S. Uninstalled an add-on on a remote server, removed files. Then Installed the latest version, and still can see those html errors that were in previous version (but they are not exist on a local server).

P.P.S. this add-on is built as described in "Busting out of the page container - Building with XenForo 2 part 16". So it has it's own html within templates.
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